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QuantLib::BivariateCumulativeNormalDistributionDr78 Class Reference

Cumulative bivariate normal distribution function. More...

#include <bivariatenormaldistribution.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 BivariateCumulativeNormalDistributionDr78 (Real rho)
Real operator() (Real a, Real b) const

Private Attributes

Real rho2_
Real rho_
static const Real y_ []

Static Private Attributes

static const Real x_ []

Detailed Description

Cumulative bivariate normal distribution function.

Drezner (1978) algorithm, six decimal places accuracy.

For this implementation see "Option pricing formulas", E.G. Haug, McGraw-Hill 1998

check accuracy of this algorithm and compare with: 1) Drezner, Z, (1978), Computation of the bivariate normal integral, Mathematics of Computation 32, pp. 277-279. 2) Drezner, Z. and Wesolowsky, G. O. (1990) `On the Computation of the Bivariate Normal Integral', Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 35, pp. 101-107. 3) Drezner, Z (1992) Computation of the Multivariate Normal Integral, ACM Transactions on Mathematics Software 18, pp. 450-460. 4) Drezner, Z (1994) Computation of the Trivariate Normal Integral, Mathematics of Computation 62, pp. 289-294. 5) Genz, A. (1992) `Numerical Computation of the Multivariate Normal Probabilities', J. Comput. Graph. Stat. 1, pp. 141-150.
the correctness of the returned value is tested by checking it against known good results.

Definition at line 59 of file bivariatenormaldistribution.hpp.

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