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QuantLib::Schedule Class Reference

#include <schedule.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Payment schedule.

Definition at line 39 of file schedule.hpp.


typedef std::vector< Date >
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
const_iterator lower_bound (const Date &d=Date()) const

Public Member Functions

 Schedule (const Date &effectiveDate, const Date &terminationDate, const Period &tenor, const Calendar &calendar, BusinessDayConvention convention, BusinessDayConvention terminationDateConvention, DateGeneration::Rule rule, bool endOfMonth, const Date &firstDate=Date(), const Date &nextToLastDate=Date())
 Schedule (const std::vector< Date > &, const Calendar &calendar=NullCalendar(), BusinessDayConvention convention=Unadjusted)
Date access
const Dateat (Size i) const
const Datedate (Size i) const
const std::vector< Date > & dates () const
bool isRegular (Size i) const
Date nextDate (const Date &refDate) const
const Dateoperator[] (Size i) const
Date previousDate (const Date &refDate) const
Size size () const
Other inspectors
BusinessDayConvention businessDayConvention () const
const Calendarcalendar () const
bool empty () const
const DateendDate () const
bool endOfMonth () const
DateGeneration::Rule rule () const
const DatestartDate () const
const Periodtenor () const
BusinessDayConvention terminationDateBusinessDayConvention () const

Private Attributes

Calendar calendar_
BusinessDayConvention convention_
std::vector< Datedates_
bool endOfMonth_
bool finalIsRegular_
Date firstDate_
bool fullInterface_
std::vector< bool > isRegular_
Date nextToLastDate_
DateGeneration::Rule rule_
Period tenor_
BusinessDayConvention terminationDateConvention_

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