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period.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

period- and frequency-related classes and enumerations

Definition in file period.hpp.

#include <ql/errors.hpp>
#include <ql/types.hpp>
#include <ostream>

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namespace  QuantLib
namespace  QuantLib::detail
namespace  QuantLib::io


struct  QuantLib::detail::long_period_holder
class  QuantLib::Period
 Time period described by a number of a given time unit. More...
struct  QuantLib::detail::short_period_holder


enum  Frequency {
  QuantLib::NoFrequency = -1, QuantLib::Once = 0, QuantLib::Annual = 1, QuantLib::Semiannual = 2,
  QuantLib::EveryFourthMonth = 3, QuantLib::Quarterly = 4, QuantLib::Bimonthly = 6, QuantLib::Monthly = 12,
  QuantLib::Biweekly = 26, QuantLib::Weekly = 52, QuantLib::Daily = 365
 Frequency of events. More...
enum  TimeUnit { Days, Weeks, Months, Years }
 Units used to describe time periods. More...


detail::long_period_holder QuantLib::io::long_period (const Period &)
 output periods in long format (e.g. "2 weeks")
bool QuantLib::operator!= (const Period &p1, const Period &p2)
Period QuantLib::operator* (const Period &p, Integer n)
Period QuantLib::operator* (Integer n, const Period &p)
Period QuantLib::operator* (TimeUnit units, Integer n)
Period QuantLib::operator* (Integer n, TimeUnit units)
Period QuantLib::operator- (const Period &p)
std::ostream & QuantLib::detail::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const short_period_holder &holder)
std::ostream & QuantLib::detail::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const long_period_holder &holder)
bool QuantLib::operator<= (const Period &p1, const Period &p2)
bool QuantLib::operator== (const Period &p1, const Period &p2)
bool QuantLib::operator> (const Period &p1, const Period &p2)
bool QuantLib::operator>= (const Period &p1, const Period &p2)
detail::short_period_holder QuantLib::io::short_period (const Period &)
 output periods in short format (e.g. "2w")

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