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functional.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

functionals and combinators not included in the STL

Definition in file functional.hpp.

#include <ql/types.hpp>
#include <cmath>
#include <functional>

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namespace  QuantLib


class  QuantLib::binary_compose3_function< F, G, H >
class  QuantLib::clipped_function< F, R >
class  QuantLib::composed_function< F, G >
class  QuantLib::constant< T, U >
class  QuantLib::cube< T >
class  QuantLib::equal_within< T >
class  QuantLib::everywhere
class  QuantLib::fourth_power< T >
class  QuantLib::identity< T >
class  QuantLib::nowhere
class  QuantLib::square< T >


template<class F, class R>
clipped_function< F, R > QuantLib::clip (const F &f, const R &r)
template<class F, class G>
composed_function< F, G > QuantLib::compose (const F &f, const G &g)
template<class F, class G, class H>
binary_compose3_function< F, G, H > QuantLib::compose3 (const F &f, const G &g, const H &h)

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