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Vanilla Directory Reference


file  all.hpp [code]
file  analyticdigitalamericanengine.cpp [code]
file  analyticdigitalamericanengine.hpp [code]
 analytic digital American option engine
file  analyticdividendeuropeanengine.cpp [code]
file  analyticdividendeuropeanengine.hpp [code]
 Analytic discrete-dividend European engine.
file  analyticeuropeanengine.cpp [code]
file  analyticeuropeanengine.hpp [code]
 Analytic European engine.
file  analytichestonengine.cpp [code]
file  analytichestonengine.hpp [code]
 analytic Heston-model engine
file  baroneadesiwhaleyengine.cpp [code]
file  baroneadesiwhaleyengine.hpp [code]
 Barone-Adesi and Whaley approximation engine.
file  batesengine.cpp [code]
file  batesengine.hpp [code]
 analytic Bates model engine
file  binomialengine.hpp [code]
 Binomial option engine.
file  bjerksundstenslandengine.cpp [code]
file  bjerksundstenslandengine.hpp [code]
 Bjerksund and Stensland approximation engine.
file  discretizedvanillaoption.cpp [code]
file  discretizedvanillaoption.hpp [code]
 discretized vanilla option
file  fdamericanengine.hpp [code]
 Finite-differences American option engine.
file  fdbermudanengine.hpp [code]
 finite-difference Bermudan engine
file  fdconditions.hpp [code]
 Finite-difference templates to generate engines.
file  fddividendamericanengine.hpp [code]
 american engine with discrete deterministic dividends
file  fddividendengine.cpp [code]
file  fddividendengine.hpp [code]
 base engine for option with dividends
file  fddividendeuropeanengine.hpp [code]
 finite-differences engine for European option with dividends
file  fddividendshoutengine.hpp [code]
 base class for shout engine with dividends
file  fdeuropeanengine.cpp [code]
file  fdeuropeanengine.hpp [code]
 Finite-difference European engine.
file  fdmultiperiodengine.cpp [code]
file  fdmultiperiodengine.hpp [code]
 base engine for options with events happening at specific times
file  fdshoutengine.hpp [code]
 Finite-differences shout engine.
file  fdstepconditionengine.cpp [code]
file  fdstepconditionengine.hpp [code]
 Finite-differences step-condition engine.
file  fdvanillaengine.cpp [code]
file  fdvanillaengine.hpp [code]
 Finite-differences vanilla-option engine.
file  integralengine.cpp [code]
file  integralengine.hpp [code]
 Integral option engine.
file  jumpdiffusionengine.cpp [code]
file  jumpdiffusionengine.hpp [code]
 Jump diffusion (Merton 1976) engine.
file  juquadraticengine.cpp [code]
file  juquadraticengine.hpp [code]
 Ju quadratic (1999) approximation engine.
file  mcdigitalengine.cpp [code]
file  mcdigitalengine.hpp [code]
 digital option Monte Carlo engine
file  mceuropeanengine.hpp [code]
 Monte Carlo European option engine.
file  mceuropeanhestonengine.hpp [code]
 Monte Carlo Heston-model engine for European options.
file  mcvanillaengine.hpp [code]
 Monte Carlo vanilla option engine.

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